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  • Restaurant LED Sign

    It's Time To Modernize Your Restaurant Do you get tired of constantly updating your menu? Does your sign out front still display last season's specials? LED signs are the quickest way to keep your restaurant up-to-date in when it comes to menu changes and advertisements.

    Here are just a few of the benefits of LEDs:

    • Crystal clear displays eliminate customer confusion when ordering;
    • Instantly and cleanly update your menu to reflect seasonal, daily or other limited-time offers;
    • Roughly 30% of customers report LED displays influence their buying decisions, and a majority of people prefer visiting restaurants that use LEDs;
    • And perhaps even more importantly, customers who view LED displays while waiting feel that they actually spend less time waiting-whether that's in line or for their dinner to arrive.

    You don't need to train your fry cooks in molecular gastronomy to modernize-that's what DDS is here for.

    Fast And Reliable, Just Like The Rest of Your Business

    LED signs-as menus or storefront displays-are the secret ingredient of savvy, forward-thinking restaurant owners. After all, nobody likes heading out in the cold to change your reader-board sign from "Happy Thanksgiving" to "Happy New Year."

    Restaurant LED Sign