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  • Government LED Signs

    We make LED signs that are perfectly crafted for government use. Whether you're looking for something small/simple or more robust, we've got the right LED display for your needs.


    A Modern Community Message Board
    You're constantly in a state of communication with the general public. "Better late than never" isn't part of your vocabulary, so why use communication methods that bog down or hide your message from its audience? DDS LED signs are one of the fastest and most effective tools at your disposal for getting the word out-fast-whenever you need to.
    • Emergencies, weather advisories, you name it-your LED sign can be updated on the fly just as fast as your needs change;
    • Digital displays reach roughly 70% of the general population, meaning your message will hit its mark far more often than traditional communication channels;
    • LED signs are one of the most cost-effective advertisement and communication tools available, typically paying for themselves well before other mediums;
    • And DDS LED signs are designed, built and supported in the USA.
    LED signs aren't just for casinos or Fortune 500 companies; they're for any organization that requires communication on a daily basis.
    LEDs Work As Hard As You Do
    LED signs are as flexible and responsive as you are, which is why so many government agencies and offices have made the switch. They're the reliable communication tool you need every day, and the safety net you can depend on in an emergency.
    Government LED Signs