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  • Full Color LED Sign
    Full-Color LEDs: Are You Ready for Prime Time?
    Monochrome LED signs are often enough for small businesses to get a leg up on the competition. But what if you want to blow the other guys out of the water? Full-color LEDs are the ticket, and here's why:
    • Advertisements displayed on LED signs reach upwards of 70% of the general population, compared to just 45% for Facebook;
    • Full-color LEDs are capable of displaying full videos-because sometimes your message needs more than a couple words;
    • LEDs in vivid full-color aren't just one-trick ponies-they can be used to advertise sales and news on your storefront, provide digital menus for restaurants, and make your organization stand out from the rest.
    Full-color LEDs are simply the best, most proven way to reel in visitors and increase sales. They demand attention instead of just asking for it like other marketing mediums.
    Full-Color, Full Attention
    People are learning to tune out advertisements, but an incredible 63% of your customers notice LED signs-compared to the diminishing returns of billboards and pop-up ads. Good for your business, bad for your competitors who are only using the "tried-and-true" methods.
    Full Color LED Sign