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    Available Pitch
    Pixel Pitch
    A pixel is the smallest component of a digital image. Multitude of pixels come together to generate an image. In case of digital signage solution, apixel is nothing but a cluster of three LED bulbs red, green, and blue. Pixel pitch refers to the distance between two consecutive pixels the lesser the distance the better the display quality and resolution of the display.
    Viewing Angle
    The angle at which the brightness of the LED is halved is termed as the viewing angle of the LED. Any LED is the brightest when looked at directly at the centre of the bulb.
    Reading Angle
    The angle at which the content on the board is clearly visible and the text is legible is termed as the reading angle of the board. This is typically greater than the viewing angle. The readability of the content depends on other factors like the lighting around the board and the sign’s environment.